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Phuc Yen College of Industry has always extended its relationship with domestic and international partners in terms of training, production and technology transfer. Located in the center of Binh Xuyen Industrial Zone, Ba Thien IZ, Quang Khai IZ, Quang Minh IZ in Vinh Phuc province, the South Thang Long, Noi Bai district of Soc Son, Dong Anh industrial parks, Nam Pho Yen IZ in Thai Nguyen province and Yen Phong IZ in Bac Ninh, Dinh Tram industrial zone in Bac Giang ... PCI has relationships with hundreds of businesses in the past few years. It has signed cooperation agreements with nearly 60 companies in the field of training and human resources supply, intership program and training programs... Besides, PCI has greatly enhanced the breadth and cooperation with overseas partners. Until 2015, PCI has established the partnership with partners from Belgium, China, Korea, Japan, Laos, the United States of America, etc. It is always open for international education cooperation for the purpose of development and improvement of training quality.

    Thanks to the relations with these businesses, the students of the College have had opportunities to practice, enjoy intership program and work at modern equiped enterprises with advanced, effective and professional working style. All these factors have created Phuc Yen College of Industry to be strong enough to accomplish its mission. The cooperative result with the businesses is that PCI has signed the new contracts for training, retraining and organizing level upgrading exams for workers of these businesses. It has been the effective way in training of PCI over the years.

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