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Mission: Phuc Yen College of Industry has its educational mission of training highly skilled manpower at the levels of short-term vocational courses, technical secondary and college in the fields of industry, trading and services; contributes to the development of labour force to meet the requirements of industrialization – modernization, socio – economic development in the North and nationwide.


Phuc Yen College of Industry strives to become a college of the leading group in the system of high-quality colleges domestically; have good brand of professional training, production and transfer of science and technology; be beneficial to learners and contribute positively to the development of the country.


Core Values: Phuc Yen College of Industry is an educational base:

  1. Towards the learners, understand and meet the needs of learners and society;
  2. Pay attention to develop highly skilled and active teaching staff with a sense of responsibility and professional ethics;
  3. Encourage using technology in a creative way in working, teaching and learning environment;
  4. Expand its cooperation in training, production and scientific research with businesses and educational bases domestically and internationally;
  5. Be proud of and promote the tradition of the college.

 Work motto

   Responsibility - Solidarity - Quality - Efficiency


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