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Message from the Rector

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PhD Nguyen Tien Tung - Rector

      In the span of 55 years of training labor force, Phuc Yen College of Industry (PCI) affirms itself to be a proven high quality training center of Vietnam education system in the open-door time. Our objective is to educate highly skilled labor force with sufficient capability of successful integration into the rapidly developing Vietnamese workforce in high demand – This is a pledge towards advantages of students and communities as well. 

      Effective and advanced teaching methods, which the teachers’ lectures (including both theory and practice) use modern teaching equipment, are highly paid attention. Besides, it alo focuses on dynamically tailoring its training programs and curricular exactly to students’ special requirements. For many years, PCI has formed the model: studying at PCI and doing interships at production enterprises; especially cooperating with domestic prestigious universities so that its educational quality is recognized by local enterprises in particular and nationwide in general. 

      In the context of globalization, when the knowledge economy is power of a nation, Phuc Yen College of Industry chooses to follow three following essential targets of a standard college: building and preserving the college’s trademark; training high quality employment; creating new knowledge resources via scientific research.

       Due to our belief of knowledge power by the developing alignment with domestic and international colleges, universities, enterprises and social organizations, Phuc Yen College of Industry continuously contributes to educate professional, confidential, skilled Practical Engineers, Practical Bachelors and Technicians with sufficient capability of integration.

     In order to achieve these goals, we would like to invite scientists, researchers, organizations and individuals at home and abroad to cooperate with us in the fields of training, research and social services to build PCI into a training brand that is always mentioned as a trusted and reputable training address of human resources nationally and in the region.

      I do hope you will take the time to come and visit us one day, enjoy the PCI’s atmosphere and find opportunities to collaborate with our college.

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